LightBlue Bean Giveaway - CLOSED

Due to high demand - we are out of Beans. Man, 100 devices sure goes quick, but please make sure to Register for the challenge and stay up to date on all future opportunities with Citrix!

The LightBlue Bean is a low energy Bluetooth Arduino microcontroller. Using Bluetooth 4.0, it is programmed wirelessly, runs on a coin cell battery, and is perfect for smartphone controlled projects. Not sure what you'd even use a LightBlue Bean for? Let us tell you!

And guess what? Now, Citrix is giving away FREE LightBlue Beans to the first 100 sign-ups who are Participants of the Citrix App Challenge. To get your bean - sign up using the form below!

NOTE: You MUST be registered for the challenge to be eligible for a free LightBlue Bean. This will be monitored.