Citrix Customer Verticals Ideas

Citrix is a trusted name in many of the world’s largest enterprises. Our customers come from every vertical market you can think of, including but not limited to healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, government, and the public sector.

To help you leverage each of these verticals as you create the next great innovation in enterprise Workspace experiences, we’ve put together some industry-focused concepts that might help you catch a judge’s eye when presenting an enterprise-class solution. (If you need some general app ideas - we've got those, too.)

Customers use Citrix technologies to address their industry specific issues. Your challenge: Make the experience even better through new thinking and innovation.


Citrix in Healthcare Workspaces 

Compliance – Healthcare compliance (HIPPIA) and patient data privacy is a mandate in healthcare. Consider using Citrix XenDesktop with StoreFront/Receiver and ShareFile to innovate with for Compliance.

Mobility – Healthcare workers, like the rest of us, want and need to be more mobile. To build a new mobile Workspace experience, with a focus on compliance think about using XenDesktop with StoreFront/Receiver and ShareFile. You could also consider looking into some other SDKs like our Mobile SDK for Windows to get even more out of your solution experience.

Productivity – Productivity to a healthcare worker means being able to attend to more patients per hour. How can this be achieved? Perhaps by reducing the time they spend interacting with technology to increase the time they spend with the patient. Less time spent on a digital screen to find patient data, means more quality time with the patient. To create solutions for such issues you may want to consider platforms such as: Podio, ShareFile, XenDesktop with StoreFront/Receiver and XenMobile to creat a new WorkSpace experience doctors will love.

Tele-health – How can software help healthcare workers interact with patients when they aren’t in the same room? How can you combine the issues discussed above to develop next generation virtual clinician/patient workspaces? GoToMeeting could be a great start, but don’t forget that adding other services, like ShareFile and Podio as a backend, could lead to a great experience.


Citrix in Financial Workspaces

Data Security – Data security is paramount with financial transactions, but in today’s mobile workforce the challenge also includes how to make it easy for employees of financial enterprises to be mobile and secure at the same time. Most of the major financial enterprises use Citrix XenDesktop with Citrix Receiver to help secure their data. What Workspace experience can you create to make the Chief Security Officer and the financial analyst both happy using Citrix APIs? You may want to consider an innovative integration with XenDesktop with StoreFront/Receiver and ShareFile, or look into other SDKs such as the Citrix Mobile SDK for Windows.

Productivity – Gone are the days of work being defined by a physical office structure. Today wealth advisors spend a lot of time out of the office and need to be able to work in a way that, again, keeps the Security Officer happy. All of the Citrix SDKs and APIs are great options for this scenario but, the key will be your innovative ability to combine them into a great experience that highlights productivity for the user and the client.


Citrix in Education Workspaces

AnyWhere Access – We’ve noticed several of the #CitrixAppChallenger’s we’ve gathered are students. How would you use Citrix APIs to enhance the student workspace experience? What data do you need access to? How do you get help from your professor/teacher after hours for help? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get what you need when you need it, including your professor, to help ensure you get the best grades possible? To solve problems like these, you may want to consider innovating with GoToMeeting, Podio, ShareFile, and/or XenDesktop with StoreFront/Receiver. 

BYOD – Both students and teachers demand a mobile workspace experience. They want to use their favorite device, but still be able to access all the applications and data they need to get the job done. How would you mash up Citrix APIs to change the student or teacher workspace experience whether at home, in the dorm, on the quad or wherever you are? XenMobile might be a great addition to manage BYOD devices in an education environment, especially when combined with other Citrix API integration.


Manufacturing/Retail Workspaces

Flexibility - A lot of manufacturing and retail enterprises rely on Windows-based back ends and applications for their data. They want to move forward to today’s mobile workspace experiences, but need innovative new solutions to do so, and retain their backend Windows investment. You have the opportunity to create the next mobile workspace experience and solve their problems with Citrix solutions and APIs. Think about how you can make “legacy” windows apps more mobile using XenDesktop with StoreFront/Receiver and our other SDKs like our Mobile SDK for Windows. Did you know XenDesktop can help deliver complex CAD and 3D apps used in manufacturing or service departments to mobile devices? How might you use Podio to help make the workflow more productive?

Customer Experience –Business to Consumer transactions need to be seamless in today’s world to keep costumers coming back for more. How can you use Citrix solutions and APIs to improve customer experience?


Want more information on Citrix industry solutions?

For additional information on current Citrix customer solutions check out Hear our customers discuss their industry issues and the types of problems they are working with Citrix to solve.


Additional General App Ideas

Still need ideas? Below are a few general ideas about how Citrix can help your app to strengthen the mobile workforce. You could create:

  • End user apps that combine multiple Citrix services into a single experience
  • IT apps that help corporate IT departments to be more efficient
  • Mobile apps that have the ability to include launching of a virtualized Windows app as part of the mobile app experience
  • Collaborative apps that mash up multiple Citrix products
  • Vertical centric apps that solve a real world problems via integration with Citrix services
  • Build a Windows app as part of your solution using the Mobile SDK for Windows functionality, which enables delivery of virtualized Windows apps with a mobile experience to mobile devices.
  • Integration of Citrix products with today’s wearable devices.