Getting started with your Citrix App Challenge

Ready to pump up your challenge with Citrix integration? The first step is to sign up for your Citrix Developer account. This gets you access to most of what you will need for the Challenge.

The Citrix Developer site is your one stop site to find everything you need to innovate with Citrix. Make sure you bookmark this page.

To stay up to date with all of the latest information that can help you succeed, we suggest you check out the following resources. The Citrix Developer team is actively posting new content directly aimed at Challenge participants.

  • Citrix Developer technical blogs – blog posts targeting Citrix Developers and technical audiences. No marketing or sales pitches here, just tech.
  • Subscribe to the Citrix Developer YouTube Channel – videos targeting the Citrix Developer technical community. There are new videos being posted each week, most that are targeted at helping Challenge participants and the Citrix Developer community get started with Citrix.
  • Follow @CitrixDeveloper – latest tweets to the technical Citrix Developer community. A lot of the tweets are directed at Challenge participants.
  • Bookmark Citrix Developer Mashup – mashup of the latest social information for Citrix Developers and Challenge participants.


Quick Links

New to Citrix and Citrix technologies? Below is a list of resource links that will help you get up to speed quickly with Citrix APIs and SDKs. These Quick Links were specifically created to help Citrix newbies navigate Citrix product information and support you during (and after) the Challenge. Use this with the Challenge App Ideas to get a real jump-start.


Videos are a great way to quickly learn about Citrix APIs and SDKs quickly. If you are new to Citrix, we highly recommend you spend some time on the Citrix Developer YouTube channel to become familiar with some of the basics of Citrix APIs and SDKs. Here’s a few recommended videos and playlists to get you going:

There is also a playlist for each of the products listed in the required Product Groups for the challenge on the Citrix Developer YouTube channel. Make sure to check them out for ideas on how Citrix Partners have integrated Citrix into their solutions to solve customer requirements.

Product Group 1: Quick Links


Product Group 2: Quick Links


  • Mobile SDK for Windows – Great SDK if you are looking to get the extra credit during judging for using APIs from both groups.

StoreFront & Citrix Receiver SDKs


Optional Resources:


Remember, use of Optional resources does not fulfill the Citrix integration requirement alone. It must be used in conjunction with one or more of the required Citrix products in Product Group 1 or 2.

All of the Citrix APIs, SDKs or Tools in Citrix’s portfolio can be found on the Citrix Developer site. And don’t forget to check out our code examples at Citrix - GitHub.


Forum Help on APIs and SDKs

Each API and SDK has a support forum to assist you with questions you have on the use of the APIs and SDKs. Links to these forums can be found on the Citrix Developer API/SDK specific page, or you can directly link to the Citrix Developer Exchange forum.

Most forums are split into two sections:

  • Ideation/Innovation Discussion: This forum hosts discussions on innovative ways to use the API/SDK as well as sample code for sharing with the Citrix Developer community. Feel free to share snippets of your code that you think can add value to others, or and entire project if you’d like. You can also consider using Citrix - GitHub to share your code with the community. Feel free to reach out to if you have questions.
  • Support Discussions: This is were you can post direct questions about the use of APIs and SDKs. Many Citrix engineers and Citrix Technology Professionals follow the forums and engage to help with questions.


Accessing a Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp Server

We’ll be providing to access a XenDesktop cloud environment to challenge registrants who sign up for a Citrix Developer account and request XenApp environment access.

If your application solution requires access to a backend Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp server to launch virtualized applications, you can request access to the cloud environment using the below steps.

This is important resource if you are using Group 2 APIs such as StoreFront/Receiver APIs or the Mobile SDK for Windows in your solution, being you will need this cloud backend to test your integration, unless you have access to a different XenDesktop backend.

  1. Registering for the challenge (by clicking the “Register” button on the challenge homepage).
  2. Signing up for a Citrix developer account.
  3. Sending an email to citrixappchallenge@citrix.comincluding your:
    1. Name
    2. ChallengePost username
    3. Citrix Developer ID (the email address you used to register)
    4. Request for XenApp cloud environment access
    5. If you develop a windows application as part of your solution that requires it to be hosted in the XenDesktop cloud environment, please include details of the application for review as part of your request.

You can find more information on the XenDesktop cloud environment for use with the Citrix App Challenge at

The XenDesktop environment will consist of a shared XenApp farm where you can access simple sample apps. The Sample apps will be simple “hello world” applications that can be used to show your integration to virtualized windows application.

If your solution requires hosting of a custom Windows application on the XenApp server to best show off your integration, you can make a request to have your custom application hosted in the cloud environment as part of your request for access to the cloud environment for review.


More Questions?

For questions about the Citrix App Challenge, email, or post them to the Discussion Board.