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over 6 years ago

QA Webinar and Testing Access

With two weeks left until the deadline, we thought you might need a little extra push to get your app finished:

  1. Are you developing with a Citrix API, but you need a free trial of the product for testing? Shoot an email to with your ChallengePost username and the product you need access to. We’ll get you set up with testing access in a jiffy.
  1. Got questions and need answers from a Citrix Developer? We’re hosting a 1 hour QA Webinar on Thursday, March 19th from 12-1pm ET. We’ll have experts on hand for: GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, ShareFile, Podio, XenDesktop/Receiver/Storefront, and XenMobile. RSVP here and make sure to tell us which product(s) you have questions about.

And if you’re just starting - don’t worry! There’s still time to build an awesome app and win! Check out our Power Up guide for some quick steps to get started.


The Citrix App Challenge Team